Projects and tasks are the core of what we as businesses produce, so it is absolutely crucial to have the right tools. Task management tools help businesses and organizations to effectively manage all of the details created within every task and project. At MangoApps, our goal is to find a way to help businesses manage tasks and projects from afar, empower employees to become accountable and self-directed and cultivate a productive environment. Take a look at 5 of the top ways we’ve found to move business projects forward.

Using an online task manager is a great way to keep your projects and task moving.  You can easily assign tasks to individuals and groups, set completion time lines, add details, attach documents, and post real-time status updates. Task management software allows everyone to stay connected no matter where they are located. So your Tokyo, London and New York offices can all collaborate right from their own office.

Innovation, inspiration and problem solving can happen anywhere and anytime.  Being able to access your task management application on your mobile device allows you to give project updates, feedback, comments and more on the go.  You don’t have to wait or be sitting in front of your computer to update a project or provide your teammates with the information they need.

With real-time collaboration, it is easy to move business projects forward. Using a web based task management tool allows for the collaboration necessary in a geographically dispersed workplace, keeping everyone up to date and on the same page. Using chat and instant messaging, secure document sharing and the ability to convert any activity feed into a task, your team can move business projects forward faster with greater efficiency and ease. Real-time collaboration is the heart of social networking software for business. It unites team members across physical and geographical boundaries.

To successfully implement project and task management you have to match tasks with expertise.  Within your task management tool, a quick glance at your colleagues’ profile allows you to see their experience and assign tasks accordingly. All task assignments and acceptance are also posted to your activity feed so that everyone is notified in real-time.  You can also use this as a way to search for someone in your company that might be able to offer insight for your project or task.

Imagine a workplace with almost no meetings.  Now imagine that the meetings you do have are actually productive from beginning to end. This can be accomplished with task management software. With your ability to connect in real-time, posts comments, turn feeds into tasks and securely share documents, you’ll be able to stay current with everyone else’s project progress as well as let other’s know your own status.  You essentially have mini status meetings every day, without the physical meetings. When you do meet with your team, everyone will already be informed and will already have the latest version of documents available at their disposal.

Using a web based task manager is the best way to help your projects move forward.  With a workforce that is comprised of a remote and global workforce, maintaining effective communication is essential.  By creating a collaborative space that encourages project transparency an accountability you can avoid stagnant periods and maximize your company resources to their fullest.

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